Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well no, we're not really brothers . . . just sounded cute, like these precious lambs we found .  The lady we bought them from said they came from a church nativity!   ( so no, we didn't steal them !)        

C'mon Boys, Christmas is over . . .

Just one more . . . 
 couldn't wait 'til next year to share these . . .
Boys Love Christmas ! !




  1. We don't mind you sharing Christmas, not when your pics are as pretty as these. Is that an iron table they are sitting on. You can put my name on that too, k :)

  2. So sorry Theresa, that one's a keeper! We think you'll have fun at the shop Saturday . . .if Dixie leaves you anything! (We usually bring FRESH JUNK Saturday morning!)

  3. Imagine my surprize when I walked in the front door at Unique Boutique and the ladies at the front desk greeted me saying... "You're Dixie aren't you!"... Holy cow... I almost ran for the hills! Naw... they said those Curious Boys told them I was coming today! You guys sure know how to make an old gal feel welcome... even when you're not there!!

    And of course.. I brought home a few little treasures... I would probably have purchased more.. but I went to see Beverly first and she kept all my money!!

    many hugs. Dixie

    1. Dixie . . . We told Dee and Barbara you're a V*I*P, helping us get this blog off and running! They're both really sweet and remembered you from the heart-arch-stuffing-in-the-car incident!! We love Beverly too. and it's great to have her back! Til next time. . . TAKE CARE! Joe & Glenn