Saturday, February 11, 2012

What are those BOYS up to now ?!

Well . . . we found this great old crystal chandelier that was converted  from electric to candles . . . KEEPER !

And we sold alot at the boutique this week, giving us the chance to bring in FRESH JUNK and rework our shop . . . love this old wire wal-mart basket!

Found these 7 old rusty-crusty potholders . . . maybe for a wall of candle light ?

And we  reworked the window . . . giving it more of a JUNK GARDEN atmosphere!
 We also just got back from JUNKIN' . . . found more awesome stuff that will be in an upcoming post . . . we promise!  Have a GREAT WEEKEND and HAPPY JUNKIN' !


  1. LOVE that garden chandy hanging on the window!

  2. I didn't get by this week.. and I just bet somebody else bought my stuff! Oh well... I know you boys will keep the good stuff coming into the booth every weekend and I'll get my chance!

  3. Hey guys, will you please email me the price of the arbor? Thanks and happy weekend, T

  4. Rusty old things couldn't get any better. You have some great old wire baskets.
    Have a great week,