Friday, April 13, 2012

Sooo . . . You Wanna See MOODY, Do Ya !?!

So Glenn Says To Me . . . You Know, It's Been Awhile Since You've Gotten MOODY !!

         To Which I Replied . . . WHAT !?!                 I've Been In A Great Mood Lately,  Sales Are Great,  The Weather Is Beautiful . . . 
     No, No, No . . . I Mean All Our Posts Have Been Outside In The Sunshine Lately !
OHHHHH . . . Well I Can Take A Moody Pic Just As Well As The Next Guy (Or Gal!) I'LL SHOW YOU MOODY !!!  Glenn Just SIGHS . . . . HAPPY WEEKEND & HAPPY JUNKIN' !


  1. If only all our moods could be this good! Happy junkin to you two.

    1. THANKS THERESA ! Can't wait to see your SHOW PICS!! All our best to your DAD ! BIG HUGS !!! JOE & GLENN

  2. To my Favorite Boys

    Love your moody yeehaw. Beautiful as always you two never disappoint! Thank you for the warm felt comment and well wishes that you left on my post and your story of healing. So happy to share the junkin journey with you both!


  3. You can be moody any time you is wonderful!

  4. I don't see better stuff anywhere else!! You guys have the kind of stuff that I drool over...seriously! Where do you get this perfect stuff??? Its fantastic! Loved seeing your comment today!~I am not commenting as much as usual as I am all over setting up my retail shop. But if you have any JUNK you don't me!1

  5. I'm in the mood to drive to Seguin on Monday while I'm off work... ;)