Sunday, July 8, 2012

Junkin' Fun With The Boys . . .

Some of our newest FUN FINDS include these Cool Child Mannequins !!

          ( Sorry . . . The Child Manniquins are Sold ! ) 
LOVE this White Chippy Rattan Rocker . . .
              ( Sorry  . . . Table is Sold ! )
. . . And this Awesome Crusty Iron Table !!

These Cool FRENCHY Sconces are BIG . . .
. . . Try 2 1/2'  Big !! 
( Sorry . . . Mattress & Birdcage are Sold ! )             
   And one of our favorite Fun Finds is always these Old Rusty Bedsprings from the 30's & 40's . . .  but they never last long in the Boutique !                     . . . Linkin' with Kathleen at  FADED CHARM  & Debra at COMMON GROUND !                                          HAVE A GREAT WEEK !!
                          HAPPY JUNKIN' !!!


  1. Wonderful items and those bed springs are joyful

    Have a great week

    Helen x

  2. Beautiful things as always. I got go by your space Friday and was awed as I always am but your beautiful displays and fantastic finds. Of course we bought a few pieces. I thought the cloth child/baby manni was cute also. Lots of people were in your booth when my sis and I were there and everyone seemed very impressed. Hopefully that translated into lots of sales.

  3. I know someone who still uses those old bed springs for one of their kids beds !!!!!!!!

    I seen where Madison Park Antiques from Sellwood is going to be at one of your events

    I met Randy once at Portland Expo while traveling loved his shop

  4. Hell I got you all mixed up with the barn House Boys blog sorry

    like ya both