Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Boys Have A SECRET . . .

Well . . . It's Actually VICTORIA'S SECRET !!

How COOL is this Vintage Store Display Mannequin from Victoria's Secret !?!

We Lovingly call Her . . .
We Know She won't stay long at The Boutique . . .  (already have calls about her) ,  But it sure was Nice of Her to Visit with The Boys !!  And visit Sarah at BARN CHIC ANTIQUES for a hilarious story about her Victoria's Secret memories !   We're Linkin' Up with Kathleen for  WHITE WEDNESDAY !
( UPDATE . . . Jayne Sold 1 hr. after this was posted ! )


  1. You guys find and sell the best things. I was one of the callers about the swans, but just couldn't make it this weekend. I knew they wouldn't last long. Are you guys on Facebook? I find myself posting more and more on there now. Go figure, I said I wouldn't do that but now I am...

  2. Jayne was lovely and I saw her early this morning on Sarah's post!

  3. You know, for some reason this post just made me truly laugh out loud! I'm going to have to take some pix's of my "favorite" friends (aka mannequins) that live with me and send them to you.

    Take care,

  4. Hey guys! I am so glad I got there to see her before she sold - Jayne brought back some really great memories and I always laugh thinking of a few special stories from VS. Those are for another blog...
    Anyway, great minds think alike! I love all my new goodies and don't think I can part with a few for awhile. Keep up the great shopping! ~Sarah :)

  5. I snatched one up at my local flea market too! Mine was cruddy in the nude, so I chalk painted her white and dressed her in a vintage wedding dress,which you can see in my blog header. I planned to sell her but I just couldn't once I got her all dolled up. Yours is awesome too!

  6. I'm not surprised she sold right away...don't ya know no one can keep a secret for very long:-) She's a beauty!!

    Thanks for always joining in each week.