Sunday, November 4, 2012


       Just a Few more Pics from last Christmas to help get us Motivated to transform the Boutique . . .

         We Love Sparkle & Christmas Bling  mixed in with the Crusties & Rusties . . .
                           It's a Fun Mix !!

        And yes, this is the same tree as last post . . . it had Vintage Shiny Brites before we switched them for Industrial Numbers !  We're Ready for some Holiday Inspiration !!     HAPPY JUNKIN' !!!


  1. Inspiration received! I have started with the annual bleaching of the bottle brush trees, though why I wait instead of doing it in the summer is a mystery. Love, love the sheep - my favorite animal. SSSH! Please don't tell anyone - I would be deluged with them.

  2. So ready for some Christmas Bling! Happy weekend guys, hope you find losts on the junkin trail.

  3. Love all the pictures, especially the second. In your spare time could you fly out here to sunny southern CA and decorate a couple of trees for me ;0) Thanks for sharing AND for making so jealous. Have a fun week-end!!

    Take care. . .

  4. Thanks Joe & Glenn! I seriously need all the inspiration I can get! I just love that silver tree sitting in that rusty crusty's simply gorgeous!!!
    Wishing you both a fun JUNKIN weekend!

  5. I have to get going on my holiday displays for the shop and thank you for the inspiration!!!

  6. I just found you from common ground and I'm in love with your blog. Call me your newest followe. I have a small sheep collection where do I find your lambs? I would love to add it to my collection.