Thursday, March 22, 2012

A*N*T*I*C*I*P*A*T*I*O*N ! ! !

The skies are blue and sunny . . . the temps are higher 50's to low 80's . . . and we're going to WARRENTON this weekend !!!
Our Back Meadow


  1. You know I started singing as soon as I saw the title. We were there last night, some of the fields are full, some still bare, but I can't wait to be there too this weekend.

  2. THERESA . . . It's the one time a year (OK, 2 times) we feel like LITTLE KIDS! It's AMAZING!!! See You REAL Soon ! JOE & GLENN

  3. I can post about anticipation waiting to see what you bring home!
    Have fun!!

  4. Love, Love the goodies you found. Enjoyed the trip with you. Cynthia