Friday, March 2, 2012

. . . Time For The Boys To Go Out And Play!

T*G*I*F !!!  Let's go play! We've got big plans to visit one of our favorite JUNKIN' MARKETS this weekend !  We always find so many awesome pieces, we either run out of space on the truck . . . or we run out of money (usually both!)     p.s.   This great industrial clock came out of an old high school . . . maybe yours !?!

           (Oh, did I forget to mention we love vintage clocks!?)
 This couldn't happen at a better time since we're EXPANDING at the boutique . . . due to our fantastic customers and great sales!  We're really excited and plan on filling our space with some really awesome  SPRING JUNK !!!  We hope y'all have a FUN WEEKEND too!           HAPPY JUNKIN'!


  1. I love reading your posts! They are infectious with excitement over junking!!! I LOVE it! Have a great weekend boys!

  2. Thanks Amy ! . . . BOYS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN !!!

  3. Hi There Curious Boys!!! So happy to meet you and your awesome blog! Added you to my blog roll as well. Its so great to meet others that share our passion. Look forward to sharing in wonderful journey as well. Your newest fan!!


  4. Industrial clock and vintage trophies-Love! Have fun shopping. Wish I could tag along. I don't have but need a favorite junkin' source.

  5. I'm so glad that you boys are doing so well! love the expansion... More great stuff for me to browse through... Hope to get by next week... have fun shopping this cold weekend ahead... maybe the competition for fabulous stuff won't be too bad with the really bad weather we're expecting! See ya soon!!