Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey Ma . . . Look What The JUNKIN' BUNNY Brought !!

We must have been GOOD BOYS 'cause . . . even though we didn't find any Easter eggs, we did find . . .
Three SWEET CHIPPY-RUSTY child's rockers . . .
. . . Always love the RUSTIES !!
We might have to keep this WHITE BISTRO for awhile . . . it's soooooo comfortable!!                 
And the PATINA on this MOTEL CHAIR can Make Some Bunny Happy!
    So, THANK YOU JUNKIN' BUNNY for making this an AWESOME EASTER for the BOYS ! 



  1. Happy Easter Sweeties...
    What a gorgeous share this morning. Oh how I love that motel chair. Does it scream "HAPPY" or what? LOVE it. Brings back many memories from the past.

    Love your little rusties as well. They are just priceless.

    Now that bistro set does look comfortable, and I can attest to that as I have a set (full size) the chairs rock and it is comfortable. They are the best and last FOREVER.

    Looks like you had a great time junkin dear one. Thank you for sharing this fine Sunday Easter morning. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

    1. SHERRY . . . THANKS for sharing your EASTER MORNING with us!! I believe we're going to follow your advise and hold on to the BISTRO for awhile . . . gotta have somewhere to sit and enjoy your morning coffee!! HAPPY EASTER ! JOE & GLENN

  2. Ok. so I'm looking outside again just maybe the junkin bunny left me something I over looked. If not glad to see he left great things for ya'll.
    Happy Easter,

  3. LISA . . . The JUNKIN' BUNNY said you were his next stop , , , had to pick up more JUNK !! HAPPY EASTER! JOE & GLENN

  4. The only thing the junkin' bunny left me was two plastic flamingos with some plastic eggs on the lawn... hummmmm... what as that Bunny thinking!

    I love all the garden chairs. I think I have about a dozen here and there at the farmhouse... one of these days, I'll get the put out in special places so there's always one ready, when I'm ready to sit! I may have to come by and get one of yours! I love the peacock chair best!!

  5. Wish the Junkin' Bunny stopped here...but I am thankful for the chocolate!