Sunday, January 27, 2013


(milking . . .to manipulate for a desired outcome)
No, No . . .
You don't need tiny fingers to milk this flea !
 But sometimes, it's hard to get a good deal at the Flea Market . . .
and Today was definately one of those days !!


Lots of great junk everywhere . . .
 But asking way more than We would ever charge at the Boutique !

  We did manage to find a few Great pieces . . .

Like this Rusty Iron Branchy-Sconcey
Candelabra Thingy !
And this Old Ornate Crusty Fixture . . .
Love this One !
(update . . . sold)  Thanks Dixie ! 
And We seem to be selling alot of Sage Green . . . 
Like this Urn & Old Ceiling Tin
Could it be  ' THE COLOR ' for Spring !?!

Well , Guess it wasn't a Bad Flea after all . . .
More Treasures for the Boutique !!



  1. You know green is the new color for the year! You guys have the best time junkin. You know it won't be long...

  2. You found more than I did. The prices are outrageous around here.

  3. You guys ALWAYS manage to find some great stuff no matter where you are! Thanks for the eye candy!

    Take care,. . .


  4. it helps to have an eye for "the deal"... and you two obviously do!

    I adore my "Bouncing Betties"... they fit in perfectly with other vintage iron on my big Texas front porch! (just got to get some cushions made to fit perfectly)! love-love-love them and the two of you. sorry for being gone so long. sending hugs. Dixie

  5. I feel conflicted about the proliferation of Junquing and Pickin' related Reality Shows now on TV. On the one hand I Love them and am Delighted that Salvage and Saving Beautiful Old Objects, Upcycling and Repurposing are being properly appreciated rather than all this cool stuff ending up in a Landfill and Lost forever. But on the other hand, it has created the dilemma of the prices of Junque to rise because now the Value and demand of them is higher... so finding those Awesome Deals takes a lot more Scavenging than it used to and leaner pickins. Especially if you're in the biz of re-selling, gotta have some meat left on the bone or it's just not worth what's being asked if the cost is too close to Retail. By the way, Love Sage Green so its nice to see that Patina left on items rather than it being painted over!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. and I was so glad that when I stopped by Monday the " Rusty Iron Branchy-Sconcey
    Candelabra Thingy " was still there... but now... it's not! Thanks Boys!